Cure for Tinnitus

Written by : James Davis

March 9, 2021

Last update : January 25, 2022

7 Possible Treatments to Cure Tinnitus

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Many people suffer from tinnitus, a condition where you hear sounds like ringing, hissing or roaring when there’s no outside noise. It can be quite frustrating and even disorienting for some. Unfortunately, in many cases the cause of your tinnitus is unknown and multiple treatments have proven unsuccessful in helping to cure it. However, here are 7 possible treatments to cure tinnitus that might help reduce your symptoms.

7.  Removal of ear wax

Contrary to what others may believe, there are plenty of benefits to having a healthy amount of wax in your ears. One is that it will keep bugs away from crawling in your ear because they are afraid of the wax.

That being said, Tinnitus is one of the side effects of having too much ear wax in your ears. Having some Q-tips with you at home can make things very easy to deal with this situation as long as you are gentle. You also don’t want to go too deep with the Q-tip because it may end up making the problem worse.

The tool presented below is a far better solution than Q-tip. You can read a full description of the product here.

Wax removal tool for Tinnitus

Most ear wax is soft and wet which will make it perfect to stick to the cotton. It’s also very flexible to get in the areas that nails and fingers aren’t able to get into.

The one concern may have trouble with is if the wax is stickier and harder than what it would normally be. In this case, you may have to see a medical professional so that they can pull it from your ear. This process won’t get rid of Tinnitus, but it will reduce the problem dramatically.

6. Sound Machines or comforting YouTube videos

Like a muscle, your ear can’t be put under tension all time. The only difference is that the muscle has to rest for it to recover, while the stress of your ear is merely hidden by using sound machines. The sound machines will create sounds in your head that are relaxing while also being able to get rid of whatever sound is currently bothering you.

These are what is used in the medical field for a more casual solution of dealing with Tinnitus. It will take time, but it’s much better than waiting for the Tinnitus to go away.

On YouTube, you can easily search for videos that will put sounds on to help deal with Tinnitus.

Generally, they are very relaxing and will help you go to sleep when it gets late at night. You can set up a playlist so that the sounds don’t become too repetitive. The one thing you have to make sure to do is not put on music that is too aggressive. If you do that over a long period of time, that will likely make the Tinnitus problem worse and last longer.

5. Hearing aids

If you’re a bit older and notice that your hearing is starting to go bad, you may have to turn to hear aids. Unlike sound machines or watching YouTube videos that will help you deal with the problem.

The hearing aids help in an involuntary way.

Hearing aids are able to mask the sounds that create ringing in your ears. Typically, the ears aren’t used to literally having any sound to listen to. Sometimes, they will ring by themselves when they have no sound for you to listen to.

Hearing Aids fro Tinnitus

Hearing aids technically don’t make the problem of Tinnitus go away, but it rather distracts you with other sounds.

Using a hearing aid will make the audio that you’re hearing become a bit more stimulating compared to the sounds that you are currently listening to. Wearing these aids will make communicating with others a lot more consistent you won’t question what’s being said as much.

If you’re older, these tools can definitely help, however, data shows that these products are more effective on younger people. Being deaf will have a large impact on your day-to-day life and having a tool like this, will keep your hearing consistent as long as possible.

4. Exercise

Sport and Yoga Can Help with Your Tinnitus

Exercise is something that’s really important for your health. Eating right and getting in a regular amount of cardiovascular exercise is one of the biggest contributing factors as to why certain people live longer than others.

Besides that, exercise improves your life in several other different ways.

In this case, exercise will limit the effects of tinnitus is having on your ears. Being in better shape helps to reduce stress. Lower levels of stress have been correlated with a reduction of tinnitus that is in your ears.

You can also do things like getting more sleep, and take care of any illnesses that you may have.

When it comes to getting rid of Tinnitus, working out in a manner that is too aggressive may hurt your chances to reduce the problem in a short amount of time. Extremely high levels of testosterone have been linked with higher levels of illnesses and stress. Extremely high Testosterone is also not as good for the heart, as it is being forced to pump blood at a rate the body can’t control.

Exercise is good, but try to maintain a good balance to improve your Tinnitus condition.

3. Antidepressant drugs or Natural Supplements

Important Note : Please be aware these are not prescriptions nor recommendations from this site. You must be aware of your own health condition and discuss with your personal doctor before consuming something you’re not familiar with.

Antidepressants have been shown to provide a reduction in the symptoms that the aliment can produce. Ask a medical professional if you should take antidepressants for this purpose first. The studies that drugs such as Xanax reduce the effects of Tinnitus have been consistent, however, the reason as to why isn’t something that some medical professionals don’t agree on. If you are someone who already takes these drugs then this option will be very convenient for you. You may not always get to use them when you want, but consistent use should have a big impact in getting rid of Tinnitus.

Way to Cure Tinnitus

If you are someone who has never taken these kinds of drugs before, you may want to do some thinking if this will ever be a long term option. In the short-term, these effects are harmless, but in the long-term, the effects of these drugs can be a bit more damaging to the average person. If you can’t find Xanax in your area, you can try out options like clomipramine, desipramine, and even protriptyline. If you notice that problems like Tinnitus are becoming seasonal issues in your life, you can keep these drugs around so that you have the appropriate amount when these problems hit you.

I personally prefer natural supplements as explained in this article. They will help lower your Tinnitus, support your brain and hearing health, and most of all, there are 100% natural.

2. Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a method that should be taken in the more extreme situations, but it can be more effective in the long run. In hypnosis, the effects are more psychological than physical. There isn’t a lot of science to back up the results you may experience if the hypnosis is successful, but the ringing will be non-existent to you. The mind is very powerful, which means something as distracting as the effects of ringing can be gone if the Hypnosis is in place for long enough. The ringing itself will still occur, it’s just that the mind will be so busy that you may not notice it.

Hypnosis is not something that will happen immediately.

It will become a process that may potentially take many hours or even days before any real effects come into play. Some have stated that ginkgo biloba, zinc, and vitamin B-12 have many positive effects when it comes to accelerating the hypnosis process. The FDA hasn’t confirmed that, but some small-scale studies support that claim.

A potential con of hypnosis is that your mind may not work the way that you are used to using it for a while.

1. Meditation

Whether you are or aren’t religious isn’t relevant, but this process of meditation has had a proven effect of reducing Tinnitus symptoms. Meditation forces the body to lower its intensity with long inhaling and exhaling sessions. Doing this reducing how fast the body is able to pump blood while also increasing the production that the body is able to do. Not only will the problems reduce, but you will feel more energy and want to do things that take a lot of motivation to do.

Meditate to lower Tinnutus

A reduction in stress has also been linked with the ability to reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus.

Calling it a Tinnitus cure might be a stretch, but you won’t be seeing it if you do this consistently. Meditation is something that has been linked to reducing stress over long periods of time. It’s not just about the spiritual aspects of the practice, it forces the body to do things but to slow down the rate at which it is done. Hormones like cortisol which are responsible for how we respond to stress have been shown to down once you meditate consistently.

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