January 27, 2021

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Source : www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7988607/Made-Chelsea-star-JAMIE-LAING-tells-struck-tinnitus.html

Star Jamie Laing And His Difficult Tinnitus Experience

Tinnitus affects lots of people from all over the world. The constant buzzing, hassling or ringing can be quite annoying and affect our everyday lives.

Lots of popular personalities suffer from tinnitus and have tried to talk about their personal experience with this condition and their possible treatment options. Jamie Laing, star of the Channel 4 reality show ”Made in Chelsea” revealed his own experience suffering from tinnitus and how he coped with it despite the difficulties he came upon at first.

I went around the house searching for it,[…] But I couldn’t find anything that was making the noise — and then I realised that it was coming from inside my head. The noise sounded like a static buzz of a television in another room. Once I’d started to hear it, the constant humming remained in my head.’

My GP said there were a number of possible causes but exposure to loud music in nightclubs was the most likely one in my case,’ says Jamie, who is dating fellow Made In Chelsea star Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo, 26.

Jamie Laing woke up one morning listening to some weird noises. At first, he thought they were environmental, but he soon realized the noises came from his head. The intrusive noises bothered Jamies and he quickly asked for his doctor’s assistance.

The Main Reason for Jamie Laing’s Tinnitus

In his case, exposure to loud noises during his nights’ clubbing, along with listening to loud music when he was younger was the most possible cause for the appearance of tinnitus. However, in most cases, hearing loss is the major cause of tinnitus. The less you can hear externally, the more your brain increases its inner volume dial, meaning that you start listening to things you previously could not hear.

The Ear and Tiinitus

Thankfully, there are several treatment options when it comes to tinnitus.

In most cases, it is vital that the underlying cause is being treated. For example, treating hearing loss with a hearing aid can really help improve your tinnitus condition. However, other treatment choices, like cognitive behavioral therapy and sound therapy are also, efficient and popular solutions.

In almost all cases, symptoms will improve and disappear after some time. However, advising patients to just live with tinnitus without doing anything to improve their everyday lives and alleviate the symptoms is not always right.

In fact, as Jamie has stated, focusing on your discomfort and doing nothing to cope with it once and for all can make you feel anxious and become agitated and stressed out.

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The more you focus on your symptoms, the worst they seem to become. Then you will suddenly start feeling depressed, alone and you will probably have problems in your everyday life and job environment, as well.

As Jamie stated himself, he found difficulty in having a normal conversation with his friends or just watch some TV with ease. He then decided to take up a combination of treatment options, including cognitive behavioral therapy, sleep, regular exercise, and meditation.

He also used earplugs to protect his ears from further damage from loud noises when he went to festivals or nightclubs. Jamie managed to cope with tinnitus and he advises everyone to protect their ears from loud noises from a young age.

Suffering from tinnitus may seem really difficult and aggravating, but in most cases, the damage is not something permanent. In fact. depending on the type of tinnitus you are suffering from, there are multiple treatment options you can use to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. The most important thing, however, is to realize that tinnitus will get better; it may not fully disappear, but you will learn to cope with it efficiently.

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